May 8, 2013

AMB Video

Who doesn't like videos, especially when they are of you and your favorite people celebrating! AMB Video is local to the Santa Clarita area, but their work will resonate around the world for the viewing pleasure of all that you share your video gem.

Think Photo Booth

Think Photo Booth

"Think Photo Booth" is our brand new easy to remember phrase that will lead our clients, guests, and prospects to our website. 

When thinking of the final touch to your celebration or event, and you will be well on your way to treating you and your guests to fun memories.

Dec 3, 2012

Looking for A Great Wedding Coordinator for Your Big Day?

Hey Everyone, our friend has just launched her wedding coordinator business and we are thrilled for her.  She is offering 25% off services till December 31, 2012.  Great time for brides to get in with a great planner.

Nov 17, 2012

Get A Skinny Wrap Before Your Wedding!

Two of our staff recently had the opportunity to try "Skinny Wraps" from an independent distributor of It Works! Global.  They had unexpectedly amazing results and are now hooked on the product.

The Skinny Wraps are an 11"x22" non-woven material that has a lotion on one side composed of all natural ingredients such as various plant extracts and botanicals.  The wraps are worn for at least 45 minutes and during that time the lotion enters skin pores and promotes lypolisis within fat cells and also releases stored toxins from within the cells and works over 72 hours.  End result: smaller fat cells, detoxed, tightened, toned, and firmed area of the body and a happier you.  THIS IS NOT A WATER LOSS PRODUCT.

One staff member lost 4 1/2" combined from three measurements around the tummy where the wrap was placed as well as 3 1/2 pounds.  Our other staff member lost 3 1/4" combined from the measurements.  

We are now singing the praises of this product and all of us plan to use them.  We believe this would be a great gift for brides, bridal parties, and any other event where a little slim could help you look your absolute best!  Oh, and the one wrap we tried is only considered a 1/4 treatment!  The company recommends 4 wraps on the same body part spaced at least 72 hours apart for a full treatment.

Check out our distributor at and check out the products yourself.    

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Sep 26, 2012

Behind The Scenes of A Photo Booth Gig

So what does your money pay for when renting a Pikaboo Photography Photo Booth?

Good question, here's a breakdown:


1: Business time including discussing your event and how awesome it will be.  Payment setup.

2: Graphic preparation and creation for photo booth screens and photo strip prints customized with your name or event. Computer folder & file setups to make sure our software runs seamlessly.- 2 hours for basic and up to 5 for complete custom work

4: Setup of online gallery including graphic place holders and setup of FREE mobile app including graphic place holders.  Setup custom icon for mobile app.  Setup of website links to your event. - 90 minutes

4: Prep of materials such as our FREE bookmark sleeves with tassels.


1: Delivery and setup of photo booth. White balance, testing of system, Pikaboo Photography wireless internet setup, Facebook upload setup.- 90 minute setup plus drive time

2: Staffing of photo booth by at least 2 Pikaboo Photography staff members for duration of event. 

3: Put together memory book. - about 20 minutes

4: Takedown and removal of photo booth. 20-60 minutes depending on setup used


1: Run enhancements on all images and photo strip files using our own custom parameters in a photo program to ensure all images will be of top quality for downloading. - up to 2 hours

2: Transfer of images to a Pikaboo Photography USB thumb drive boxed and packaged in a Pikaboo Photography gift bag. Mailing or personal delivery.  We believe in presenting you with more than just a DVD or a basic USB thumb drive of your images immediately after your event with raw image files.  We've invested in custom laser engraved USB thumb drives and custom foil stamped bags to "gift" your images to you as a thank you from us.  - transfers can take up to 20 minutes

3: Upload of all images and photo strips to Pikaboo Photography Photo Gallery. - up to 3 hours

4: Upload photo strip images to mobile app. - about 30 minutes

4: Business time including discussing how awesome your event was and sharing links to the galleries.


As you read, we put a lot of time into our photo booth production.  Some of the notable things we do that you may not find elsewhere include our amazing screen graphics and photo strip graphics including free personalization, our free bookmark sleeves for photo strips, free mobile phone app including using your own photograph as a custom icon for the app, custom white balance of camera and check of exposure levels, wireless internet provided for Facebook uploads, run enhancements on all images to make sure all the images have an absolute professional quality (like filming a movie and then finalizing the film in post editing), hosting of ALL images including every single photograph taken AND the photo strip images, and FREE mobile app gallery for life.

This list doesn't include our new glow background that we've NEVER seen any other company use and of course, the awesome Pikaboo Photography Staff. 

We've done our homework in making our company top notch with features not found elsewhere.  Pikaboo Photography would be the company we'd choose if we were in your shoes searching for the best photo booth rental for your event.

Sep 25, 2012

Are You Considering Hiring Your Wedding Photographer To Provide A Photo Booth?

You probably won't hire your band to DJ or your DJ to serve food or the minister to be the MC, right?  It is because those jobs have their own dedicated functions during your wedding and shouldn't have to share their focus doing something else.  We believe the same idea applies to your wedding photographer.  

A wedding photographer is a great investment in providing keepsake photos of your special day.  Some wedding photographer's provide photo booth service too.  We have come across many wedding photographers who pretty much admit their photo booths are not great because they don't staff the setup themselves.  Many times guests have to figure out how to run the machine themselves and may inadvertently damage equipment.  Setups may be very simple and not include a printer to save time on setup.  If a photographer hires someone to staff their photo booth it may be a person that does not have the proper training and experience to fix any issues that may arise.  This can lead to exaggerated down times if a problem occurs and forcing the photographer away from his primary focus - your wedding.  These type of photo booth setups are many times just an after thought by the photographer since they may be too busy doing their job as a professional photographer covering your event.

Hiring Pikaboo Photography is a much better choice since providing, staffing, maintaining, and ensuring quality photos & prints during your event is our primary job.  We have dozens of hours with hands on experience running our photo booth both in training and actual event services.  We know are machines and setup well and we are very handy in keeping things running.  

We encourage you to ask questions of any photo booth company to make sure you'll be getting the most value and professional photo booth experience for your wedding and not simply settling for "the packaged deal" from your photographer.  Ask to see images of photo booth setups and sample photographs from actual photo booth use at an event as well as screen shot samples of their photo booth screens.  Pikaboo Photography will be more than happy to provide you with our sample artwork.

Sep 19, 2012

Photo Booth Output Quality

Photo Booth Output Quality

We work hard coming up with ideas and implementing them to make sure our clients have a great time, but more importantly that our clients & their guests receive QUALITY prints.  We have spent hours practicing checking lighting ratios, white balance, field of depth, distances, printing, setups, etc to hone our style and skill.  This commitment to quality is something we are proud of and hope it reflects our commitment to our client.

When comparing photo booth companies for your event we strongly recommend to ask for samples of the screen images that will be used and also for output print samples.  We feature all of our screen images and print outputs on our site because we're proud of our work and we are sure that our artwork is simply top of the line best of the best out there.  But don't take our word for it, do your homework and be sure to invest your money in a photo booth company that will make a positive lasting impression before, during, and after your event.

Jul 10, 2012

NEW! Web App for Smartphones

We are excited to introduce our brand new web app for smarthpones.  The app will allow a unique mobile experience allowing our clients and their guests to easily access their event photos and information about our company.  The web app will also allow the end user to install a Pikaboo app icon onto their home screen for easy and familiar access to the web app.  Check it out from your smartphone at

May 11, 2012

Hardcore Fitness Inc - Slim 4 Summer Body Transformation Challenge

Hardcore Fitness Inc - Slim 4 Summer Body Transformation Challenge

We are teaming up with Hardcore Fitness Inc to support their "Slim 4 Summer Body Transformation Challenge" with a grand prize of $15,000!  Our Photo Booth will be used to take the contestants "Before" and "After" photos.  An amazing award for an amazing accomplishment!  Check us out at their Valencia location on May 11, 12, and 13th.

Before Pics in above image by owners.  After Pics in above image by

Mar 14, 2012

Check us out...

Watch this space for the cool faces and places we've seen and amazing snapshots from events Pikaboo Photography will be attending.