Frequently Asked Questions

What is your service area?
 We provide Photo Booth service to all of LA County, parts of Orange County, and parts of Ventura County.

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We may agree to provide service to areas outside of the radius shown. We wil charge $2.50 for each mile past 20 miles from our drive starting point to the venue to help offset fuel costs and travel time.




Do you bring props?

We have over 100 props including toys, hats, wigs, signs, masks, and more.

What is your deposit requirement?
Our deposit for a photo booth service is $100.  Deposit is required to bind the rental contract.

Do you have liability insurance?
Yes we do.  Any additional insured persons/entities needed to be placed on our insurance for your event will be $40 each.

Do you have booth attendants?
Yes, we use one to two booth attendants to assist guests with photo booth operation and to ensure guest and equipment safety.  Our attendants have a vested interest in the success of our business so you're going to get friendly and fun service!

What type of prints are offered?
We use a professional dye-sub photo printer that cuts prints from a roll of photo paper.  Clients can request either (1) 4x6 print or (2) 2x6 strips to print with each use.  For $30/hr, we will print doubles - (2) 4x6 prints or (4) 2x6 strips to print with each use.

Can I place a deposit and choose a specific package later?
Yes!  We ask for final payment at least 21 days prior to your event date so you have up to that date to let us know which package you would like.  Dates are not normally double booked so we can be sure to have plenty of time to focus on your event.

Is there a cost for booth delivery, setup, and take down?
Absolutely not.  All packages include these services without any additional cost.  Our time for doing these services is pre-factored in to each package price.

Can I bring my own props?

Do I get a copy of all the photos taken?
Yes!  You will receive a digital download of all the photos.  
If model consent is agreed to in the contract, we will upload all the individual photos to our online gallery and provide access to view, download, or purchase the hi-res pictures for three months from your event date.  Prior to uploading the pictures, we will run some enhancements on the pictures to make them look their very best.

Can I make my own backdrop?
Sure!  We'll provide our background stands if needed.  Contact us for specific dimensions needed for any backdrop your provide.  We can also order a custom backdrop.  Check out our custom backdrop list on our website.

Do you require a meal at our reception?
We don't require a meal, but we're certainly not going to turn one down.

Do you only service weddings?
We service all types of events such as birthdays, coming of age parties, school fundraising, church carnivals, company parties, etc.  We just ask for a flat, dry spot with power supply nearby for our photo booth.  Weather permitted, we don't mind setting up outdoors, but please take into consideration lighting and weather conditions. Our booth should be setup in a shaded area. 

What is an open air photo booth?
Open air means without walls, or we like to say, a photo booth without boundaries.  We thought long and hard about creating a photo booth experience with and without walls. The result of all our sleepless nights was to create an open air photo booth experience that allow the maximum guest interaction both using and waiting for the photo booth.  Why hide the fun?

Many photo booth companies offer "live view" monitors outside of a walled photo booth showing what is happening inside. This takes up more space at your venue and defeats the purpose of "privacy" curtains.  Our experience shows guests love to cram in as many faces into the picture as possible. Our open air photo booth allows guests to huddle up for a picture safely and everyone else watching to laugh and smile along too.

Many curtained photo booths look sorta depressing with all the black drapes and gloomy lighting - reminds us of a funeral.  Open air is fun and inviting, especially when sitting on our super comfy leather bench while taking your pictures - You already stood in line, we wouldn't dare make make you stand while taking your pictures.

Why choose you?
Without giving away all the trade secrets of photo booth operations, we can say most photo booths use the same software to run the machine. It's how the software is programmed for your event that matters.  We have seen many photo booth companies that have spent very little time programming the software to include custom screen graphics and personalization. 

We offer professionally made themes including matching touch screens and photo strips.  We are the ONLY photo booth to offer a color changing backdrop which enhances the celebration atmosphere and looks darn good too.  We love what we do and we're not afraid to show it through our service!

What kind of camera and printer do you use?
The best photo booths are now being equipped with prosumer DSLR cameras with high quality optics.  Combine the DSLR camera with professional daylight balanced CFL bulbs and daylight balanced professional flash systems, and the output is pictures with even, soft lighting and pixel-perfect enough to create poster size prints - sorry if that was sorta geeky. You wouldn't let your wedding photographer shoot with a web cam or a point & shoot camera - why let your photo booth?

We use a professional level dye-sub photo printer Print times are about 15 seconds including processing time.

Wow, that's a really good price.
Okay, not a question, but we've heard this too!  Sure, we believe in the statement 'you get what you pay for', but that doesn't mean a client should pay well beyond reasonable costs. We researched photo booth pricing plans throughout the country to establish our competitive package pricing.

What else did you learn about other companies during your research?
During our research of photo booth companies across the country we found many companies using the term 'photo booth' very loosely.  Some of these companies use laptops on a table connected to a consumer grade printer nearby, a monitor on a table for users, and a digital camera mounted on a small tripod to take the pictures. Some companies use a curtain surround, but stick the monitor and camera through a slit one of the curtains.  We admire home brewed ingenuity in building anything, but to use professionally it must be of professional quality.