Unique and affordable .... we should have named this tab "Our Loves".  These businesses are captained by some of the most talented people we have met throughout California.  Visit their links and we are sure you will mark them as a favorite too.

It Works! Products 
We cannot say enough good things about those crazy wrap things and what they can do in only 45 minutes.  Ladies, this may be the difference of fitting in that wedding dress.  Men, love handles are nice, but a tight & firm body is nicer.  CHECK THIS STUFF OUT!

High Resolution Productions - Professional DJ & MC
Our friend Steve Kikuchi does it all from lighting to music, projectors & screens to video, he'll walk, talk, & mix at your wedding - a master MC.  Send him a shout at HiRezKikuchi@sbcglobal.net

Al Torrico Photography
Should be named ALMAZING Torrico Photography!  Nor Cal's best ... don't worry, he travels anywhere.

Gavin Seims Lightroom Power Workflow Presets
Gavin is a student of light and has harnessed his study into truly amazing presets for Lightroom and more. Gavin is a mentor to us.

Davy mixes and emcees for parties and events with a focus on using profanity free music.  His eclectic music selections cover all genres and generations.  Davy is the guy we want DJ'ing our parties as he is hit with both young & old.  Give him a shout and hear him out at your own event!

AMB Video
Who doesn't like videos, especially when they are of you and your favorite people celebrating! AMB Video is local to the Santa Clarita area, but their work will resonate around the world for the viewing pleasure of all that you share your video gem.